After high school, Natalia went to live in London pursuing her dream of becoming a Fashion and Textile designer.

One year at Heatherley School of Fine Arts where she did a Foundation course, drove her to apply to Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She spent there the next three years graduating in BA Hons in 1991.

Being more her passion to paint and design prints than the world of fashion, she learned how to paint on silk at the Ian & Marcel atelier in London for her graduation presenting then her first hand painted silk garments. Since that moment, she has continued as a freelancer.

Iconic pieces

“As my main support, the silk is movement, line, color, always changing its form. I love it!”


“Works of Art that endure through time, crafts that are free and liberated from trends…this is what my work is about.”


Works of Art that endure through time, crafts that are free and liberated from trends…this is what my work is about.

Our proposal is one in which at least 80% of the process is hand made. This implies a slow way of creating and a final product that is meant to last in time.

We are working to change some of the materials used along the way to achieve a certificate of sustainability.

We are a team of four people, all of us creating and collaborating within optimal work conditions.

My Studio

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My Studio

Is a micro world where whatever is inspiring, whatever may be there to experience with. Inks, colors, pencils, brushes, threads, scissors, ideas, books, things from previous studios, even things I kept since college, share the same space sometimes in a very chaotic way.

At some point all comes along merging in a new creation and then it all makes sense.


Some years ago I went to a workshop with Jewelery designer Joaquin Berao. Being myself a print designer, Joaquin suggested me to create a piece that I could apply to a scarf. This was the beginning for me of something which has become the Iconic pieces of this firm, such as the Fish or the Quimera scarf.


Funky Monkey

Just a little about what Funky monkey was and how it happened. Although it does not exist anymore, it does still in our hearts.

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